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Dinner@Dana: Midsummer dreamsDinner@Dana: Midsummer dreams
18.30, 21/06/06

Explore the science of hypnosis with Dinner@Dana. Does hypnosis really work? If so, what makes the brain susceptible? The Open University's Peter Naish takes the stand to help separate the science from the fiction surrounding hypnosis.

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Read My Lips - Can You Hear Me?Read My Lips - Can You Hear Me?
19.00, 22/06/06

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Creative Cyborgs

16/05/06, 19.00 - 22.00

How have computers become an increasingly significant part of our imaginative and physical being? Come face-to-face with natural born cyborgs as we explore how computer technology impacts on us and our creativity.

In a specially commissioned film, philosophers of science Andy Clark, author of 'Natural born cyborgs', and Mike Wheeler discuss the fundamental role of tools in human behaviour. Clark argues that humans became cyborgs the moment they picked up their first tool - when he is using a tennis racket Bjorn Borg is as much a cyborg as the Terminator.

There will be performances by:

Paul Granjon, creator of the 'Cybernetic Parrot Sausage' and 'Sexed robots', humorously explores the darker side of our relationship with technology in Zlab transported.

Jazz trumpeter Tom Arthurs and Ollie Bown (Icarus), with visuals specially developed for this event by squint/opera through a commission from Lighthouse.

Paras Kaul, aka the brain wave chick who will demonstrate brain wave controlled animation and audio, illustrating how new technology allows us to use the brain itself as an instrument directly.

There will also be an exhibition of work from the Computational Models of Creativity in the Arts workshop being organized by Goldsmiths, Birkbeck and Sussex Universities on 16 - 17 May at Goldsmiths College.

These include:

4^15, Paul Brown
Aikon, Frederic Fol Leymarie and Patrick Tresset
Borg with the Korg, James Mandelis
Changing Weights, Ron Herrema, Adnan Hadzi
Drawbot 1.0, Bill Bigge
Fugue, Gordana Novakovic, Peter Bentley, Rainer Linz and Anthony Ruto
Image Virus, Hamlet Lin Yui Bong
Milson Move, Ernest Edmonds
Old Skool Revolutionaries, Jon Cates
Senster, Nick Lambert, Catherine Mason and Alex Zivanovic
Woven Wall of Sound, Tim Blackwell and Janis Jefferies.

In association with London Centre for Arts and Cultural Enterprise, Goldsmiths College, Birkbeck College, University of Sussex, the Computer Arts Society and Lighthouse.

Arrive early to enjoy a wide variety of delicious food and drink in our air-conditioned, or make use of our free Internet access in the d.lounge.


Andy Clark, Department of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, University of Edinburgh.
Mike Wheeler, Department of Philosophy, University of Stirling.

With performances by:
Icarus, Tom Arthurs and Ollie Bown
The Brain Wave Chick, Paras Kaul
Zlab, Paul Granjon

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This event is free but places must be booked by calling 020 7942 4040 or by emailing

The Dana Centre and d.café are licensed premises open only to those aged 18 or over.
Creative Cyborgs

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