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Chime Box William Turner-Duffin
Middlesex University

Chime Box is a collection of objects hung as wind chimes in a wooden and steel frame. Timed fans and re-wired computer keyboards allow the 'real' stochastic motions of the chimes to combine with virtual random based processes

Fence Matthew Murdoch

A short film about a young boy's reaction against the pressure to conform in a new environment.
Sometimes our fantasies can become a little strange in reality.

Secure or insecure?
It depends on what side of the fence you are on.

Hibernation Simon Uribe
Coventry University

Only in the presence of an audience and upon their proximity, this sculpture slowly deploys in a slow harmonious movement, drawing attention towards it.
After reaching a certain height it suddendly collapses to its original position with a snapping sound that brings spectators out of their contemplative state.

For Luc Ferrari Wojciech Kosma
Middlesex University

"For him, and for me and for all those who love contemporary classical music but dislike some of the associated accepted norms of behaviour and presentation, I decided to perform this piece again. But this time audience becomes the conductor. "For Luc Ferrari" is an interactive installation where using simple movements, the "user" or audience can control the playback of my original recordings with Luc sitting in the audience. Conducting the orchestra was never so easy."

AIKONPatrick Tresset
Goldsmiths College, University of London

This system is able to sketch faces automatically, starting from a picture, typically a photographic snapshot of a scene with humans. Once a digital image is considered, the system automatically finds where some of the faces are and isolate these. Each face image is then used to produce a sylised portrait. The style which the system aims at using is derived from the one Patrick Tresset has developed over the years in his artistic practice.

And they say there is nothing good on TV Kester Sheridan
Goldsmiths College, University of London

"When I was at school, I often remember opening school textbooks and finding that other students had amended the pictures(...) Such childish things as glasses, willies, tits and Hitler moustaches had been added to these images. In this work I have developed an application that automatically draws such props onto live TV images. "

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