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I decide my projection shape as soon as I saw the shape of the three boxes I thought that the  regular square / rectangular shape would minimize the audience's focus on the shape itself and more focus on the content.

Concept and background research and technical 

The theme of my projection mapping is life, nerves and cells. the whole idea was come from work and I am rushing for deadlines and haven't sleep overnight for a few days then when I close my eyes I can see my nerves or I feel like I can see my nerves and I can see them break off.

Pattern ---- Tree

The first mapping pattern is a tree shape, is to present life, vitality and nerves. Well the branches itself looks like humans nerves if you look close to it or if you play it speed up the speed thousand time. So it easily let me associate it to life, and also growth. The tree itself is a growth change of a plants or life in both macro and micro way. these patterns  simulates the morphology of different plants simultaneously. Not even from an almost intangible micro perspective or look at it as a whole, no matter how angle changes, the entire structure in the tree seems to be the same, the composition of branches, the composition of veins, the composition of root. its hard to describe it related to any other artists work, it may influenced by Mondrian's "Blossoming Apple Tree"


(Blossoming Apple Tree (Flowering), 1912)


But I am more inclined to say that it is based on my enamored and daily observation of trees. I also consider it as a self representation of my daily life routine, as i feel I'm repeating myself  daily since I started this course (busy for study and homework but don't remember what I've learned after I finish my submission), just like every tree, every tree is different, but it's hard to tell the difference if you look closely. (Sadly this pattern hasn't been include in final presentation because it cause error in other group member's scene loop ).


I set up classes, include branches, trees, and leaves, limit changing values of each line and arc and then defined four kinds of their node distribution to make four natural trees.

Pattern ---- Cell

The second and fourth pattern are cells (class sun and class vapour) one has more gentle movement and one is sharper. 'vapour' is simulating an imagination a cell of a tree when the tree is under gentle sunshine, it looks like a cell is floating on gentle waves on water (Due to the clarity of the projector, this effect did not appear well).'sun' is simulating an imagination of a cell of a tree when the tree is under extreme weather.


I randomly generate the alpha value and then draw three functions similar to the concentric circles. In class 'vapour', through random the changing of transparency and updates of the outermost circle and random the size and transparency of two circle inside to achieve a gradient effect. In class 'sun' the code is a bit similar to class 'vapour' but in different colours and updates (these two use to contain audio and interaction with 'fft' due to projection mapping couldn't contain audio and interaction i delete it all and that is the reason why it looks bit messy).



Pattern ---- arrow

its an extension of what I've done for classwork in week 9 neonTriangle(, 2020). it basically a neon triangle arrow lead the audience to the next scene.






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