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Inspiration from: Material Semiotics (John Law)

For instance, at least in their origins, feminist material semiotics and actor network theory had different conceptions of both the semiotic and the political. It is partly because material semiotics takes social inquiry to be contexted and situated which means that impartial overviews are impossible.

Although digital art is a male dominated field, women have always insisted on developing their own career in this field. In the field of science and technology, women have been facing gender discrimination from various angles. For material semiotics, nominist material semiotics is put into the social environment to explore, Therefore, it is difficult to be completely objective and fair.

Feminists are often labeled with various labels, and feminism itself will be classified by male chauvinists. For the male chauvinist groups in society, when some feminists will not harm their status and interests, they can allow the existence of this idea. However, if feminists try to challenge their authority, they will be able to accept this idea, This kind of feminism will be defined as "false feminism". For example, in China, for some men, when feminists support that women and men should bear the same social responsibility, and the consumption of lovers is shared equally by women and men, the male chauvinists will be happy to see this kind of feminism. However, when women want to fight for equal job opportunities, they will not be happy to see this kind of feminism, When men are called on to take more care of their children and do housework, and even support women to participate more in politics, male chauvinism will start to be vigilant and strongly oppose the existence of feminism, and try to combat women's acceptance of feminist enlightenment by stigmatizing feminism.

May Waver, a young digital artist says:  I use digital tools to make art concerned with selfhood / the body, intimacy, and care, and in doing so advocate a feminism that “struggles to eradicate the ideology of domination that permeates Western culture.” ( Bell Hooks). 

Digital means can create more possibilities for artists. When feminist artists express women's thoughts and dissatisfaction with the society through digital means, it may cause the prevention of male chauvinism who is dominant in the digital field. Although feminism makes some women's lives better, at the same time, women may become more unpopular in some fields.


Feminists have observed that the world looks different if you start from the periphery rather than the centre (Star 1991). Obviously, there is no absolute definition of feminist material semiotics. When people look at problems in different situations, they will come to different conclusions. Women's groups are complex and huge. Women of different classes and races face different difficulties. Feminists need to consider all groups as much as possible when thinking about problems, but it is difficult to take into account all people.


Digital Artist May Waver Talks Feminism, Intimacy, and the Internet

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