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Project using Network Protocol OSC

In this work I have configured an android phone to communicate with a laptop on the same Wi-Fi network. This was made possible by using oscHook, one of the many apps availble that enable two devices to talk. When configureed with the same PORT two applications were able to send and receive data packest on the same channel.

oscHook can send information about the many sensors on mobile device. I chose to use the light sensor data to interact with the moving image program I created in openframeworks.

The moving image consists of the sun, a past project, and an core and another past project merged. Once the illumiance reaches a certain threshold the core image appears. I simply wrote an If statement using the lux unit as the trigger.

The ideas and concepts behind the specifically relate to the nuts and bolts as opposed to any aesthetic resonance, though the sun and it's core counterpart were nicely matched with the light sensor and indeed the distance between the sun and the naked eye did give me cause to include the extra core dimension. Recent heatwaves did I imagine play a part in my decsion making but overall the newly acquired skills give me foundation to extend this knowledge.

produced by: Robert Hillson

Specification. Using openframeworks and visual studio to produce a work that is interactive with a mobile device using a network protocol OSC.

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References: (Lewis Lepton, Published on 13 Apr 2015)