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Relationship is a project of performance and interaction. The webcam captures images and draws to express that being surrounded by family and friends in difficult situations will reduce the pain. Therefore, we should cherish the people around us.

produced by: Haotong Qu


The background of the triangle network represents the complex society in error.The sharp triangles have a tingling sensation and want to express the pain that people feel. At the same time, the orange image captured by the performer's movement is the happy emotion of people surrounded by family and friends in their lives.I use the shadow of my hand to express the relationship with the people around me. There are encounters, companionship and love, and there are contradictions, but family and friends always stay with you.

Concept and background research

I read The Ballad Of Reading Gaol Of Oscar Wilde, and then I thought about The relationship between people. That human society is made up of networks of relationships between people. From the moment people are born, they start to relate with people around them and derive the theory of human relations such as Six Degrees of Separation. However, this network of social formation will bring people different situations, some of which may make people feel pain. And the happiness of the company of relatives and close friends can override the pain of social hardship. So understand to care for the people around.


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I use the optical flow technique for motion detection to capture the performers' movements' changes and form irregular connected shapes.What used good features to track to identify the scene, and ofxDelauny was used to draw the triangle network with time changes.As the performers change, the webcam will recognize the movement and the background, forming a network structure dominated by the triangle. 

Future development

In the future, I may consider using Kinect to capture the performers' movements to capture the performers' activities more accurately. In addition, I hope that OFGUI can be used for 3D rendering to enrich the presentation form of the final picture. If COVID-19 disappears, it can also be considered to use a large screen for exhibition and interactive performance.

Self evaluation

I spent a lot of time on this project testing equipment and fixing software. I bought Kinect, and it can connect to its original program for work, but it can't connect to the OpenFramework. Even though I have attached the necessary plug-ins for Windows, it still can't usually work, making me feel very frustrated. The saddest thing in the whole project was that I did not know why my Visual Studio and OpenFramework crashed, and I could not run the programs of OpenFramework. At first, I thought there was something wrong with my code writing until I found that it could not run the examples in the class. I tried to reinstall and reinstall the computer system several times. These attempts and reinstalls took up a lot of my time and made me miserable.  Because the point drawn in this project is the value read by the jump, it did not change when I tried FBO, so I did not produce it.If I have more time, I would like to explore more possibilities.


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