Delphus Project Team

The Department of Computing at Goldsmiths is a vibrant, innovative environment combining contemporary arts and computing research with cutting-edge, applied, creative approaches. We produce groundbreaking interdisciplinary work in creative technologies that spans arts, music, media, design, games, psychology and performance.

At Goldsmiths, we believe that computing, like art, is inventive, artistic, dynamic and importantly, fun. Our teaching aims to develop the creative as well as the technical skills of those who come to study with us and to think why they are making work, to whom and in what critical context. This is what makes our approach so distinctive.

Our 10 days a week website is the result of creative collaboration amongst a group of MFA students who are from different parts of the world, Portugal, Kuwait, Korea, Taiwan and Greece as well as students from the other institutions from Paris, Valencia, Lille and Athens who that found themselves in Delphi as part of an Erasmus programme. During the Delphus project contributions were also made from PhD students from Design and Cultural Studies. 10 days a week represents the experience of the journey, arrival and duration at the centre of the world, in heat and sun, from the physical to the virtual world that was embedded in the process of being there.