Human Interactive | Internet addiction disorder: a modern illness
To coincide with the Creative Machine exhibition Goldsmiths is hosting a major one day conference exploring the theme of human/machine interaction with leading industry and aca-demic speakers across computer games, robotics, VR, neuro-science, psychology, bioinformatics and computer art."
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Internet addiction disorder: a modern illness

Dr. Henrietta Bowden-Jones - Founder and Director of the National Problem Gambling Clinic


The talk will introduce Internet addiction as a concept, defining it and describing both the international and the UK prevalences. There will be an outline of the different manifestations of IAD which can range from gaming to gambling online to porn addiction. The clinical
manifestations of the disease will be explained with a significant emphasis on the negative adverse consequences of each.

Lastly, treatment modes will be discussed and evidence-based outcomes explained. Preventative measures will be given to reduce the risk of developing the illness.