IJWCC 2008 Paper - “Musical Creativity on the Conceptual Level”

September 4th, 2008

Our paper Musical Creativity on the Conceptual Level has been accepted for the 2008 International Joint Workshop on Computational Creativity.  The paper synthesises the Creative Systems Framework with the theory of Conceptual Spaces, in the musical context of rhythm and timbre. Read the abstract below, or download the full paper.

The theory of conceptual spaces, a geometrical form of knowledge representation introduced by Gardenfors [1], is examined in the context of the general creative systems framework introduced by Wiggins [2, 3].  The representation of musical rhythm and timbre on the conceptual level is then discussed, together with software allowing human users to explore such spaces. We report observations relevant for future work towards creative systems operating in conceptual spaces.

  1. Gardenfors, P.: Conceptual Spaces: The geometry of thought. MIT Press (2000)
  2. Wiggins, G.A.: A preliminary framework for description, analysis and comparison of creative systems. Journal of Knowledge Based Systems (2006)
  3. Wiggins, G.A.: Searching for computational creativity. New Generation Computing 24(3) (2006) 209–222


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June 19th, 2008

Welcome to our blog, where we will be looking at how elements of music can be viewed as relationships within geometrical space, and presenting our own research in this area.