David Woolls

Reviewing the reviewers - Monitoring and reading online music reviews (14/05/09)

This talk explains and illustrates how my company, CFL Software, has devised both monitoring and analysis software to read music reviews submitted on line. The company for which this was done, Slicethepie, collects new music and gets it reviewed on line to provide feedback to artists and to allow the most popular artists to produce an album. Initially they asked for an offline system to monitor reviews for self-copying, but we were able to move that to a real-time system as will be explained. Because the quality control was in place, Slicethepie were then able to offer an enhanced service which required software to read the content of the reviews and produce a report giving the artists an evaluated summary of a particular track. The final element so far is identifying the mood of the music from what is written about it with a view to producing a tailored radio station package. All software will be demonstrated live in the session.

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