Aline Honingh

Modeling the well-formedness of musical pitch structures: Intonation, modulations and pitch spelling (29/03/07)

A model describing musical pitch structures like scales and chords has been developed using the geometrical properties of convexity and compactness. Using this approach, a number of music related problems has successfully been modeled. In this talk I will explain the convexity and compactness of musical pitch structures and its application to three music related problems. The first problem involves the question of what is the preferred intonation of a specific chord. Since intonation can be influenced by many factors, in this approach only chords in isolation (without musical context) are studied. The second study is about automatically finding modulations in a piece of music of which we have only the pitch information under octave equivalence. The last study encompasses pitch spelling which is known as the problem of how to transform pitches encoded as MIDI into note names.

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