Anja Volk

The Study of Persistence and Change in Meter using Inner Metric Analysis (22/03/07)

In this talk we give an overview over different applications of Inner Metric Analysis (IMA) in the areas of computational music analysis, perception and classification. IMA studies the rhythmic-metric structure evoked by the notes of a piece of music by assigning to each note a metric weight. The method uses persistent and regular pulses at all grid levels and phase shifts to induce the metrical patterns present in the piece. It allows the comparison of how strictly a piece of a certain genre follows a metric hierarchy in comparison to another piece. Stable metrical patterns allow, for instance, the classification of dance rhythms into different genres using IMA. However, the experience of listening to a complex piece of music often differs from the assumption of a stable metric structure throughout the piece. Within the dynamic approach of IMA we study the unfolding of metric hierarchy over time as a process between persistence and change.

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