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In 2007 we create an animation by feeding our new FormGrow system with information derived from real DNA, information which is also used by nature when creating proteins.

The History of Species was presented at a Sketch session, part of our contribution “From DNA to 3D Organic Art” at SIGGRAPH’07 in San Diego, California.


Early Mutators years

In the early days when William and Stephen were pioneering the use of genetics in the creation of art forms, a number of ground breaking animations were produced; a few samples follow (TBC):

The video installation “Organic Television” was shown at The Royal Festival Hall in London in 1994.


Organic TV

Organic TV

and the related


was presented at SIGGRAPH’94 and Imagina’93 (funded by the British Arts Council and Channel 4). The sound track is from Michel Redolfi ( famous for his underwater music.


Also on YouTube and Animate Projects.

The Evolution of Form

by William Latham and Stephen Todd, from 1989-90; work done at IBM UK Research Labs. Details of sotware can be found in the book: Evolutionary Art and Computers, Academic Press, 1992.

Sequence from The Evolution of Form

YouTube Preview Image

The Process of Evolution

clip from 1989, by William Latham and Stephen Todd, using the old software platform described in the book: Evolutionary Art and Computers, Academic Press, 1992.

Process of Evolution

YouTube Preview Image

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