Vinay Gupta  is one the world’s leading thinkers on infrastructure theory, state failure solutions, and managing global system risks including poverty/development and the environmental crisis.

He works at both the theoretical level, building models and mapping tools like Simple Critical Infrastructure Maps (used by US DOD) and at the completely practical level, where I am best known as the designer of the hexayurt, an award-winning replacement for the disaster relief tent which provides shelter at 20% the cost of a tent.

He helped start the US National Defense University STAR-TIDES program on humanitarian assistance, consulted on urban resilience for Arup, and am an associate fellow of the UCL Institute for Security and Resilience Studies.

Questions for the Thursday Club on September 29th will be focused around

What part can creative practice play in times of crisis?
How can we identify where/when the need for this occurs?
How to identify the appropriate tools for such work?