Genetic Moo: Imagined Future Evolutions



Since 2006 Genetic Moo have been developing a series of interactive video projections.

In this presentation, Genetic Moo will discuss their interactive video installations where mutated human-sea-life forms both disgust and delight audiences. They will explain their inspirations, the technologies used, and possible future directions. The works have been described as both beguiling & unsettling. Choreographed video clips, combining
elements of the human and the animal, respond in a variety of life-like ways to audience motion, sound and touch. The works are driven using Open Source and Flash Software utilizing a variety of interactive interfaces. The creatures vary in size from the tiny Animacules to the all encompassing Mother. The programming behind the work is just complex enough to make the creature appear more believable.The audience should be unaware and unencumbered by the technology.
The audience asks “What am I looking at?”, not “How is this working?”. They ask “Is it Real?”

Schauerman and Pickup both gained Masters degrees from the Lansdown Centre of Electronic Arts