Ben Pimlott lecture theatre
Ben Pimlott Building, Goldsmiths, New Cross
Thursday Club 28th February 2013 - 6-8pm
Sean Cubitt

The Order of Display from lithography to raster
The progressive scanning that dominates screen displays (and its close relatives among digital printing technologies) has a genealogy taking us back through the Trinitron mask and the Dzworykin tube, to the first commercial wire photography. This talk looks at the political economy framing the technical aesthetics of this genealogy, arguing that it gives us privileged access to the emergence, over the last century, of a very particular and ubiquitous diagram of power.

Sean Cubitt is Professor of Film and Television at Goldsmiths, University of London; Professorial Fellow of the University of Melbourne and Honorary Professor of the University of Dundee. His publications include Timeshift: On Video Culture, Videography: Video Media as Art and Culture, Digital Aesthetics, Simulation and Social Theory, The Cinema Effect and EcoMedia. He is series editor for Leonardo Books at MIT Press. Current research is on the history and philosophy of visual technologies, on media art history and on ecocriticism and mediation.