The symposium Art, Culture, Memory and Trauma will take place Thursday 1 March2012 at Goldsmiths, University of London as part of the Thursday Club.

The symposium is part of the art initiative Through the Roadblocks, by NeMe.

The event is hosted by Professor Janis Jefferies, Goldsmiths and is organized in collaboration with Professor Lanfranco Aceti, Sabanci University, Peter Ride, University of Westminster and NeMe (Helene Black and Yiannis Colakides), Cyprus.

Art, Culture, Memory and Trauma will focus on the analysis of current curatorial and artistic practices that analyze and formalize aesthetic approaches to the traumatic inheritance of social and political conflictual events and to the processes of memorialization and aesthetization.

In particular by taking as starting point the legacy of Cyprus’ conflict and the war in Afghanistan, the symposium will analyze questions related to Body Politics (Nicholas Mirzoeff), diaspora and memorialization. The questions will focus on curatorial and artistic practices as well as on the difficulties of overcoming borders and national cultural boundaries in order to develop artistic engagements and curatorial projects.

Participants and convenors: Lanfranco Aceti, David Cotterrell, NeMe (Yiannis Colakides and Helene Black), Helena Reckitt, Peter Ride and Helen Sloan