Forget the Book: Writing in the Age of Digital Publishing
25th May, Goldsmiths, University of London 

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Doug Sery (MIT Press) and Sean Cubitt (Goldsmiths) in conversation.

You are invited to join a conversation that is not about the past or future of the book but rather about the prospects for change in academic, and indeed non-academic writing in the age of digital publishing. We will seek to put technology in its place as neither a cause or an effect of change and we will be wary of false dichotomies like analogue and digital, open and closed access, fixed and fluid forms. Indeed, we will wonder away from our fetishisation of forms and objects and consider processes of writing and publishing as well as the relations between writers, publishers and institutions.

To what extent do changes in the industry constrain and facilitate the possibilities of academic writing and publishing including, for example, more co-authored and collaborative work; multimedia publishing; variations in length (currently constrained by standardized articles, chapters and monographs) and speed of output and perhaps even a less rigid adherence to the division between academic and non-academic writing which might enable us to consider, for example, the graphic novel as a possible mode of academic output.

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