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Title - Endless War, a work in progress.

A walk through the wikileaks Afghan War Diaries by NGRAM analyses.

The talk will be contextualised by showing segments of the Artwork,
Endless War by YoHa and Matthew Fuller which was begun 2012 for Void
Gallery Derry.

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Graham Harwood and Matsuko Yokokoji (YoHa English translation
'aftermath') have lived and worked together since 1994

YoHa's graphic vision, technical tinkering, has powered several
celebrated collaborations establishing an international reputation for
pioneering arts projects, including the first on-line commission from
the Tate Gallery London and work in the permanent collections of the
Pompidou Centre Paris and the Centre for Media Arts in Karlsruhe (ZKM),
Manifesta07 (Balzarno,Italy).

Harwood and Yokokoji's co founded the artists group Mongrel (1996-2007)
- an artists group working in a fusion of art, electronic media and
street culture, they tried to reach beyond the hierarchies of power and
knowledge involving those normally excluded from the main stream. In
2005 they went on to establish the Mediashed a free-media lab in
Southend-on-sea which reached international fame through it's film
Duallists shown at over 30 film festivals around the world.

In 2008 they joined, Richard Wright to produce Telephone Trottoire’, a
Congolese telephony project in collaboration with the London radio
programme Nostalgie Ya Mboka. The project collected and told stories
about the Coltan wars in Central africa that has led to 4.5 million
peoples deaths. This was twined with Tantalum Memorial, a telephony
installation built out of old strowger switches animated by the live
telephone activity of ‘Telephone Trottoire’. Tantalum Memorial went on
to win the Transmediale first prize for 2009. Tantalum Memorial also
featured at (ZeroOne Biennial San Jose - USA, Manifesta07 Bolzano,
Italy, Science Museum London, Ars Electronica, Plugin Switzerland,
Laboral Spain, Eyebeam New York, Arnolfini and many other UK venues)

Continuing to articulate the relations between Power, Art and Media,
YoHa produced Coal Fired Computers in 2010 with Jean Demars for AV
Festival and the Discovery Museum in which a one-hundred year old,
35-ton showman's steam engine powerd a computer with 1.5 tons of coal.
Black lungs inflated every time a database record of miners' lung
disease was shown on computer monitors. The work responded to the
displacement of coal production to distant lands like India and China
after the UK miners' strike in 1984/85 and the complexities of our
reliance on fossil fuel and especially on how coal transforms our health
as we have transformed it.

In 2011 YoHa produced Invisible Airs, Database Expenditure, Power with
Bristol Council and the Pervasive Media center exploring the emerging
field of open data.

"Power, Governance and Data has been conducting a naked love dance on
this island since before the Doomsday book, it's rhythms have quickened
of late, multiplied and become amplified through database machines. New
abstractions that order and compare the world are spawning new
technologies of power out of the orgiastic revelry of a bookkeeping gone
mad" YoHa YoHa's investigation of Open Data took place in and around the city
producing a number of pneumatic contraptions that experimenting with the
Bristol Councils expenditure data over 500 pounds. Invisible Airs
culminated in May with a pneumatic soirée held in the council chamber
room with the Lord Mayor taking up the reigns of or expenditure riding
YoHa current activity involves, Goldsmiths, University of London
research initiative into potential uses of National Health Service
datasets for collaborative art project that reflect on wellbeing.

Graham Harwood is the convener of the MA Interactive Media at the
Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College, University of London.