Venue: Centre for Creative Collaboration 14 Acton Street, Kings Cross, London WC1X 9NG

Time: between 6-8pm

Carol and Bruno met at Goldsmiths University in 2011 and where they invented theD-Scope®, aexperimental new medium that draws on tropes from animation, film and Gestalt grouping principles to create the immersive perception of animation unmediated by screen or camera. The pair then collaborated to produce a number of  exploratory artworks using the technique of animating concrete objects through selective attention using projection mapping. These works not only combine their mutual interests in creating embodied interactive art‚ but also are a result of a unique marriage of skills. They work from a studio based in South-East London.

The artist and researcher‚ Carol MacGillivray comes from a background of  animation and film editing and spent 20 years working across documentary‚ drama‚ music videos‚ and commercials. Carol taught film at the Royal College of Art and became a senior lecturer in animation at the University of West London‚ where she was awarded both a Teaching Fellowship and Enterprise Fellowship‚ going on to become Associate Dean of Research and Enterprise in the Faculty of the Arts at that university in 2009. An increased interest in combining theoretical research and practice has led Carol to  undertake a PhD by practice in Arts and Computational Technology at Goldsmiths University. The title of her thesis is Choreographing Time: Developing a system of Screen-less Animation. The PhD researches the grammar of the Diasynchronoscope as a new medium.

Bruno Mathez is a French audiovisual artist, video producer, teacher and researcher based in London. His practice is dedicated to cross-medium experimentation with an emphasis on audiovisual techniques.  Bruno has created visuals for music concerts‚ operas‚ dance and theatre shows, exhibited his installation Photophonics in the UK and toured internationally with interactive audiovisual group The Sancho Plan including a residency at the Ars Electronica Center. He’s teaching film-making for the Composing for Moving Images MA at City University London. He also undertook a MA in Computational Studio Arts in 2012 at Goldsmiths‚ university of London‚ where he explored the themes of visual music in space and interactive video sculptures.