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@GBoddington  PHOTO CREDIT : The Blind Robot by Louis-Philippe Demers – commissioned by Robots and Avatars

Future Love – choreographing the internet of bodies 

Across the next decade the convergence of many high level technological tools will enable deeper blending of bodies at a distance. This talk will outline the potentials and opportunities in combining digital physical worlds where distant lovers and dislocated families/communities will be enabled to reconnect, engage and unite in a far more satisfactory way than through todays social media and 2D screen links.

We need to examine the concepts at play now, such as love with synthetic bodies such as robots and avatars and connectivities through implants for remote touch/feel technologies. These shifts in ways of relating could be seen as dangerous and dark, but can we, with the right human spirit, ensure this is leads to the positive enhancement of love?



Ghislaine Boddington

Co-founder and Creative Director of body>data>space and Women Shift Digital, is a researcher, curator, presenter and thought leader specialising in body responsive technologies. Ghislaine is recognised as an international pioneer advocating the use of the entire body as a digital interaction canvas for

over 25 years. A co-creator and director of many art works exploring the hyper enhancement of our human senses through the digital and a lead director of international multi-partner projects, she is co-curator of FutureFest – a festival powered by innovation foundation Nesta – a Research Fellow at Middlesex University  and a Reader at CPDA, University of Greenwich.


body>data>space is an East London design unit creating innovative connections between performance, architecture, virtual worlds and new media, placing the body at the …