Super Daniel

A HTML 5 Game

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How to Play?

This section is a quick guide to how the game is played. For a more detailed description of the project, please follow the link above to the "About" section.

System Requirements

Super Daniel (Bros.) runs in every modern web browser supporting HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS 3 on almost every computer capable of running a recent browser.

The game is currently not playable on devices without keyboards... (tablets, smartphones)


The game is controlled with the keyboard. There are just 4 different keys you will need in the entire game.

SPACE - Jump
CTRL - Fire (if you have collected a flower previously)
RIGHT ARROW KEY - walk right (jump right)
LEFT ARROW KEY - walk left

Using a code

Whenever a level loads, a code is displayed. If you don't want to complete the game in one go you can always come back later and start at where you left by entering the code in the little box underneath the game's main screen. To confirm click the "Code ->" button and the level will start loading. Please ensure that you do not include any spaces and that the entire code is written in capital letters since there might be problems to recognise it otherwise.

Fighting enemies

Most enemies can be defeated by jumping on them. There are some enemies though who either can not die completely or need to be shot with fireballs.

Mad Mushroom - jump on him and he won't be nasty anymore
Green and Red Turtles - these guys have to be pushed off the screen in order to get rid of them. Jump on them and then push them in a direction.
NeedleNeedle Turtles - You have two options: Escaping or fighting them with fire
Daniel Eating Plants - Fight them with a hot fireball to make them fade

Collecting Goodies

There are a number of different goodies in the game:

Pound "Sterling"Pounds - Collect as many pounds as you can. Once you have £ 100 you will get a free extra life.
One UPGreen Mushroom - The green mushroom gives you an extra life when you collect it.
FireFlowerFire Flower - The fire flower lets you shoot fireballs at your enemies. Daniel also changes his suit from blue to red.

Advancing to the next level

When you have reached the end of a level the screen stops to scroll and you just have to walk to its far end. The next level will start to load immediately.

A game by Daniel Stocker made in 2011 More details about copyright ->