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In this experiment you will watch videos in pairs, one after the other. All videos are user-generated videos recorded at Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee celebration in London this summer.

Videos are randomly positioned left and right. You will be asked to score the videos depending on how informative (about the jubilee event), entertaining and interesting you think they are. You will also be asked which of the two videos has your preference: which of the two would you rather watch?

Hit 'Play' to start a video. The videos are made up from different clips that are part of larger videos (this means the timeline appears to jump: that's ok!). You only evaluate the part you see. Hit 'Play' only once and don't move the playhead on the timeline.

Please watch the videos in pairs, first left, then right. Next, answer the questions relating to that pair of videos, before moving on the the next pair.

There are 9 pairs of videos. Videos in the first 3 pairs last 1 minute each, videos in the latter 6 pairs last 10 seconds each. Total play time is 8 minutes. You can take breaks in between pairs.

Hit 'Continue' to proceed to the next videos.

If one of the videos doens't load, please reload the page.

Thank you for participating!


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Video Pair1

Two videos are presented at once, but you can only 'focus' on one, making the video audible and clearly visible. Focus on a video by moving your mouse over it. The unfocussed video is still dimly visible, allowing you to look what's going on there. You are free to move your mouse over any of the two videos at any time.