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Immersive Theatre

Note: Externally co-supervised by BBC Click (BBC Persian) presenter, Nima Akbarpour.

In this project, a short play is staged and acted by a few actors who mount a 360° cameras on their heads. During the play, the audience watch the play via the internet and have Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. They can choose the actor of their choice and therefore immersed themselves in the scene through the point of view (POV) of their favourite actor, and beyond.

In addition to my supervision on the computational aspects of the work, this project will be externally co-supervised by the presenter of BBC Click (BBC Persian), Nima Akbarpour. At the end of the project and depending on the outcome, a TV report will be produced which will reflect on the results of the project and will be broadcast on one or few programmes within the BBC.

Students interested in this project should have a good/great programming skills, and ideally some experience working on video contents. The project could include some extra computational aspects (e.g. using some of the computer vision techniques, and/or working on some AI or swarm intelligence algorithms).

If interested, get in touch.


Other than the above I will only supervise projects related to nature-inspired computation, swarm intelligence and evolutionary algorithms. You need to excite me with your ideas!

These algorithms are nature-inspired techniques and simulate various behaviours of social animals and social insects. Natural examples of swarm intelligence systems that exhibit such forms of collective interactions are: fish schooling, bird flocking, bacterial growth, animal herding, nesting and foraging in the social insects etc.

Natural Computing students will be given priority.

Watch this video (3 mins 50s) to get an idea about swarm intelligence.
You can go to my YouTube channel to see some computational and artistic works related to swarm intelligence.

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