Andy Freeman has been working and playing in the digital commons since the late 80's as a games and multimedia programmer and a BBS addict. Andy began to develop his arts practice whilst working as the technical director at the Islington Arts and Technology Centre (ARTEC). In 1998 Andy produced one of the first alternative web browsers 'sHrD' and together with Jason Skeet developed a range of tools for producing improvised music from found internet sounds under the name EARSHOT, which they performed at festivals and galleries around Europe. Andy was an early participant in the Association of Autonomous Astronauts and founded Oceania-Peckham AAA in 1996 and founded Radio Free Earth which broadcast artists and political statements into space (anti-SETI protocol). Throughout the 00's Andy was involved in a number of internet startups and specialised in streaming video ( Streamway, Winkball). Since 2012 Andy has worked designing and delivering interdisciplinary courses for the Creative and Social Technololgy (CAST centre at Goldsmiths College whilst exploring crtitcal technical and art practices.

Hard or soft #brexit - cartographic print


Notes from the Field - Citizen Technoscience


Presentation - walking and sensing in the city

Talking Dirty - Tongue first exploration of the mouth of the Thames



Counus - Open Ship Monitoring Network

Presentation 28/9/13 - Mouth of the Thames

Defaced - Digital Intervention

chrome extension for contemporary iconoclasm

Keypapp - Anti-social Networking

website and mobile app

Older Works