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Michael Casey in Krems, Vienna

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Sueme No. 1

by Michael Casey (2005)
for Tacet Trombone, Trumpet and Large Music Database

Roger Dannenberg (Trumpet)
Michael Casey (Silent Trombone + Laptop)

Performed at "Live Algorithms for Music" @ ISMIR 2005
Goldsmiths College, September 15th 2005

SoundSpotter makes music by matching live sound input from a performer against a large database of pre-recorded sound material. A 'mosaic' is thereby composed of small fragments of sound from the source database in a 'live' feedback loop with the performer. In this piece, the sonic materials consist of the UK No. 1 singles from 1960 to the present day.

The goal is to explore the hidden worlds that exist within these archived instants; re-shaping the material and re-organizing it in the moment.

Sueme No.1 [Download MP3]

Missa Desiderata

by Michael Casey (Commission, 2000)
Four Choirs and Live Computer Accompaniment

The image above shows King Richard and Queen Anne of Bohemia on a wall painting in St. Mary's Church, Lutterworth. These characters were connected with John Wyclif's patronage there. This work was commissioned as part of the Millennium celebration for the town; Lutterworth Grammar School is my Alma Mater. Three movements span the history of English choral music and attempt to glimpse its future...

Performed at "Lutterworth Millennium Festival" May 2000

Missa Desiderata (excerpt) [Download MP3]


by Michael Casey and Simon Atkinson
CD Release: Digital Rewind, MIT Media Lab Electronic Music Studio, 1999

Strange-Charmed is the only representative of electroacoustic music from the 1990s to appear on the MIT Electronic Music Studios 25th anniversary CD (Digital Rewind). Invited by Prof. Barry Vercoe (CSound) this work sought to express some of the poetry of various particle interactions and energy fields in the Standard Model of modern physics, with gestures corresponding to collisions and textures that imply latent energy that is sometimes resolved by conversion to particles and sometimes emerges from dense particulate activity. We also hear hints of Empedocles' Elements that arise at a few moments in the piece thus expressing, in metaphor, the emergence of familiar processes from the unfamilar world of the fundamental particles.

Strange-Charmed is a collaboration conducted entirely over the internet. All the sound materials, sequences and compositional ideas for the piece were exchanged using the computer networks between sites. Thus this piece was composed simultaneously in London, Edinburgh and Cambridge Massachusetts and, thus, was an experiment in collaborative Internet music production.

Performances: MIT, ICMC 2000 (Berlin), Harvard Music Dept. (Cambridge, MA)

Strange-Charmed (excerpt) [Coming Soon]