Electronic Corpus of Lute Music

A computer-assisted examination of the relationships between the lute music of Bach and Weiss, and of their predecessors and contemporaries, is among Tim Crawford's future plans. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to build an electronic 'corpus' of lute music, and to devise ways of analysing the corpus using the latest techniques of information retrieval as they apply to music.

Two successful applications to the Arts and Humanities Research Board to build such a corpus, known by the acronym ECOLM (Electronic Corpus of Lute Music), with Prof Laurence Dreyfus at King's College, London (1999-2002), and, with Prof. Geraint Wiggins at City University, London and Goldsmiths College, University of London, in its second phase of funding (2002-6), have enabled this to become reality.

The project, carried out with the assistance of two former King's College music graduates, David Lewis and Michael Gale, is described in more detail on the ECOLM web-site.

An unpublished paper by Tim Crawford, 'Lute tablature and concordance recognition: special problems needing special solutions' can be found here.

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