Intermediate Creative Practice

Year 2 Project Information (including assessment)

For more information on this years main project, click here.

Week 1

This week we looked at Processing.js:

Week 2

This week is about C++. We will be looking at C++ in the context of OpenFrameworks:

The OF faq has some great links for learning about C++ under the “how can I learn c++?” question:

You can use the apple developer tools for C++ and OF, in particular XCode:

There is an excellent pdf on c and c++ here for those of you who would like to learn more.

Week 3

Matt’s workshop on iPhone development.

Here is the iphone dev centre with lots of information and documentation.

Download the SDK here:

Here is a good book:

Here is the work I did based on Matt’s talk.


XNA is a microsoft environment for games development, it allows you to create professional level games but is an easier starting point than working with C++ and directX from scratch.

Dowload XNA

The XNA creators club has a lot of great resources for learning XNA, including example games and tutorials (try the getting started video tutorials.).

Here is the example code I showed in class.


This slashdot post includes details of free tutorials about the unreal engine:

Max MSP Revision

This includes material on motion detection and computer vision, as well as a refresher on Max, MSP and Jitter

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