Advanced Graphics and Animation

Text books

Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top Down Approach is a good general graphics text book. The maths is done in a very thorough rigorous way, but might not be the easiest to follow.

Fundamentals of Computer Graphics is a more advanced text which goes into a lot more detail on a lot of topics.

3D Math Primer is a really good, easy to follow introduction to the maths used in 3D graphics.

Mathematics for Computer Graphics is another good 3D maths book.

Here are the notes from my lectures

Lecture 1: Points and Shapes


A first OpenGL program

A good introduction to Blender

George’s Blender notes

We will be talking about editing meshes. This is a good tutorial

Tonderai’s Cube drawing code

The example Object Oriented Graphics Engine

Lecture 2: Translation and Animation


Lecture 3: Transforms and Matrices


Code for the Group Object

Lecture 4: Viewing and Projection


Here are some example sketches with different camera control methods (They all assume that you have the Shape, Group and Box objects)

A fixed camera with rotation

A trackball camera, that rotates about an object

A first person shooter style camera

Here are some examples of hand drawn perspective by George:

George’s Perspective drawings

Lecture 5; Character Animation


Lecture 6: GPU Shaders


A tutorial on shaders in GLSL:

This post describes how to use shaders from Processing:;action=display;num=1159494801

Lecture 7: Rasterization


Lecture 8: Illumination and Reflection


Example code of lighting in OpenGL

Lecture 9: Illumination 2


Lecture 10: Textures


Texturing tutorials from the blender site

A good place to start for any blender topic is the blender Noob to pro wikibook

Here is its introduction to Textures

The general section on Materials and textures

An introduction to UV maps

Other tutorials and resources:


Assignment Spec

Note on Blender and MacBooks

There are problems with blender crashing on certain models of MacBook. I’ve heard reported that dispabling MipMaps under User Preferences -> System and OpenGL might fix it.

Example Exam questions

Here is an example set of exam questions.
Here is the code used in the exam.

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