WordPress basics

First Post

  • You need to add some content
  • At the moment its set up as a blog so you can add your first blog post
  • There is a widget on the right of the dashboard
  • Click on visit site to see it

Editing your posts

  • Look at the menu on the left of the dashboard
  • The top item is Posts
    • Allows you to manage existing posts
    • Click on it
  • There will be an initial post that was automatically added
    • Hover over it to see the options
    • Delete it

Editing your posts

  • Still in the Posts page
  • Under the Posts menu you have an Add New Post Option
  • This gives you an editor with a bunch of options buttons:
    • bold, italic, underlined text
    • Lists, etc.
    • Adding images and video
  • There is also a tab for directly editing the html
  • Experiment

Adding an image

  • There is a button for adding an image above the editor
  • Looks like a square
  • Click on this
    • Click Select Files
    • Opens a file broswer, open an image file
    • Once you have uploaded it select “Insert Into Blog” near the bottom


  • As well as blog posts you can add static pages
  • They are just simple web pages without a date or comments
  • Use the Pages menu item to add them
  • Otherwise they work just like Posts

Configuring your site

  • Currently your site is set up as a blog
  • We will now set it up to act more like a static web site
  • Go to the Settings item in the menu
  • This has lots of settings that you can use to configure your site
  • You can look through them later

Configuring your site

  • To turn it into a static site, we can turn off comments
    • Go to the discussion sub menu
    • uncheck: “Allow people to post comments on new articles”
  • We can also change your front page to a static page
    • Go to the reading sub menu
    • under “Front page displays”
    • check “A static page (select below) “
    • choose which page you want below
    • you also need to choose another page where your posts will be displayed

Style and Content

  • Web sites tend to separate their content from their appearance or style
  • This is inherent in HTML
  • Makes it easy to change the look of the site without worrying about the content
  • CMS systems tend to do this with Themes
    • A collection of style parameters and scripts for a site
    • They can easily be changed independent of the content
    • Most CMS systems have a library of Themes and allow you to edit them

Changing the look of your site

  • The appearance of a site in WordPress (and most CMSs) is managed by Themes
    • Each Theme gives a different look to the site
    • colour schemes, fonts, background images

Appearance Menu

  • You can customize your site appearance using the Appearance Menu in the admin pages
  • It has a number of options
    • Themes (selecting a new theme)
    • Widgets, selecting what goes into side bars
    • Adding new Themes
    • Theme specific options


  • You can add or remove items from your sites sideback
  • Some examples
    • Pages: list of all pages
    • Calendar: allows you to access dated posts
    • Archives: older posts
    • Links
  • You can drag and drop to add widgets to the sidebar
  • You can click on widgets to edit or remove them


  • Go to the themes item in the Appearance Menu
  • Lists all of the currently available themes
  • There aren’t many that are initially installed

Installing new themes

  • http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/ has a big list of themes
  • Find one you like
    • Downloaded it (the big download button on the right)
    • unzip it
    • copy it to wp-content/themes
  • You can now go back to the Themes page (refresh it) and the new theme should be there
  • Activate it and Visit Site to see the result
  • You can also browse and install new themes from within WordPress
    • You can do this remotely without access to your G: drive
    • Go to Appearance -> Add New Theme
    • This allows you to search for themes by various keywords
    • Find a theme you like and click install
    • On the Connection Information
    • page enter your Goldsmiths username and password and select ftp

  • See http://codex.wordpress.org/New_To_WordPress_-_Where_to_Start#Presentation_and_Themes for more on themes

Theme options

  • Once you have installed a theme you might see some new items in the Appearance Menu
  • These are theme specific options
  • They allow you to customise the specifics of your theme
  • For fuller customisation you need to edit your theme files directly (we will come to this later in the term)
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