This page will give an introduction to working with digital images.

Introduction to Image Processing

As a starting point for working with digital images we will look at Adobe Photoshop, overwhelmingly the most important professional photo editing software.

Mick’s Photoshop tutorial video

PDF worksheet

Here are some images to use in the session, including the picture of William Burroughs, the backdrop of New Cross, and the final composite in photoshop (psd) format.

There are lots of tutorials on Photoshop on the web, but a good place to start is Adobe’s own site:

Look particularly at layers and filters.

There are plenty of consumer level photo editing tools like photoshop elements or iPhoto on a mac, but they don’t have the advanced features we will be looking at. If you are looking for a free alternative, GIMP is not a bad option:

Slides on Digital Images

Work Sheet

Image Processing in Processing


work sheet

Computer Vision


work sheet

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