HTML worksheet

Editing a basic html page

Save this web page

Edit it in notepad, textedit or similar to do the following:

  • Add more text, using a number of different text styles
  • Add an image
  • Add some links

Embedding a Youtube video in your wordpress site

YouTube video pages have a section on the right hand side which includes an embed link for that video.

Copy the embedd link and edit the html of one of the pages on your wordpress site by adding the embed html.

Use the HTML view to embed an image and create a link.

Edit an iWeb web page

This page was originally created using iWeb. Save a copy of it and edit it to replace my name with your name and to replace the picture on the page with a picture of you.

Embedding a Processing Sketch

Here are some instructions for embedding a Processing sketch in WordPress.

Create a simple Processing sketch and embed it in your site.

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