Advanced Graphics Assignment

You’re assignment is to:

1) implement a simple graphics engine using OpenGL
2) create a demo application

Assignments should be submitted by 6pm on friday 4th December. You will have to present your work in class on the 7th December (this is a compulsory part of your assessment)

marks will be assigned equally to technical achievement in each of the two elements. Some bonus marks will be given for particularly creative demoes

Here is an example of what we expect for each level of attainment

F: < 35%
very little implementation, non-working or insufficient demo

D: 40-50%
some features of the engine implemented, very basic or incomplete demo

many features of the engine implemented, reasonably complete and functional demo

most features of a graphics engine implemented, high quality complete demo or very ambitious but incomplete demo

fully implemented graphics engine, ambitious demo that is mostly or entirely complete

as above plus one of more of:

* implementing features of the engine beyond those discussed in the lectures (including things discussed in the advanced topics lectures)
* ingenious use of the features of the engine to create challenging effects in the demo
* highly creative and original demo

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