Introduction to Audio-Visual Computing Assignment 1

Your assignment will be to submit a website that displays at a portfolio of your work in the Introduction to Audiovisual Computing course.

This should include at least 3 items of work. There should be a short description of the work (not assessed, though it may be assessed as part of Creative Practice – CC students see here), which gives instructions to use any programs you have written. You may submit work that has been done in collaboration with others, but your description should make clear what your role was. You should submit at least 1 item that is entirely your own work.

You should submit a link to your website via email to Marco Gillies and Mick Grierson by the 11 December 2009.

You will be given a mark based on the best 3 pieces of work on the web site. This is a guideline to how we will mark it.

F: < 35%
inadequate work, not enough pieces submitted, or work done to well below the expected standard

D: 40-50%
items submitted have achieved part of their aim but are incomplete. They achieve some but not all of the basic items set in the class exercise

Complete work that reproduces what was explained in class. Achieve all the basic items in the exercises that were set.

The work goes somewhat beyond the basic aims. Either one piece that considerably extends the exercise, while the rest are at a C level, or all pieces go beyond the basic items to a limited degree

All work achieves extended aims of the exercise or goes beyond what was asked to a considerable degree.

as above plus one of more of:

* considerable use of technical features that go beyond what was explained in class
* ingenious use of the features explained in class to create challenging effects
* highly creative and original work

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