Video Acquisition Workshop

In groups, and with reference to the image acquisition workshop material described here, use a mini DV camera to shoot video footage in order to complete one of the two following exercises:


1) Consequences: Each member of the group goes out and films one or two shots, then returns with the camera. Following this, the next member of the group looks at the end of the previous shot, and takes one or two more shots that they think will work. Repeat this process until each group member has finished, then review the material. Try several times – it can take a while to get the hang of it.

  • Try to keep the shots as short as possible. Don’t spend too long filming! Consequences works best when it is quite fast.
  • If you are stuck for ideas, choose a subject or an object before you begin, such as a ball, a doorway, or a parts of the body.


2) The Mini-Narrative: Make a short narrative sequence (i.e. a sequence that tells a story) using only 5 static shots taken from the list of commonly used shot-types here.

  • Try to think of your narrative as a single event, with two or three shots to set it up at the beginning, a ‘money’ shot, and a final shot to finish it off. A good strategy is as follows:
  • Establishing shot>Set up 1>Set up 2>Money Shot>Finale

Finally, digitise your material using Final Cut or similar software. You may do this in your own time. If you are happy with the result, compress it so that it is suitable for internet delivery using Final Cut or Quicktime, and embed it in your website.

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