Video Editing/Video Sampler in Processing

We can use the Video library in processing to edit and manipulate video in real time.

Processing can do this quite well, although the Java Quicktime library in Processing is not totally reliable.

Despite this, it can be used to make some cool applications.

I’ve made a basic video sampler in processing that allows you to play back a quicktime video. You can download it here

There’s video in the data folder called ‘’. I found it on the internet archive, which is a great place to find free movies of all sorts of interesting things.

You can use this video for the exercise, or use your own quicktime video files if you have them. Alternatively, you can just download some more from the archive.


  • Re-edit your video using the Processing video sampler. Use if statements, just like in my example, to find interesting parts of the video and trigger them at different times.
  • You will need to read the Processing video documentation, specifically the Movie class here
  • You will need to calculate how the frames correspond to the jump() method to work out where in the movie you want to jump to.
  • Finally, add sound or sounds to the movie. If you like, try to make the edits work with a looping rhythm (you can use audio from the soundscape session).

Once you have done this, try to do the following.

  • Set up the video sampler so that you can trigger different parts of the movie using the computer keyboard.
  • Use the mouse to alter the speed of the movie playback
  • Edit together more than one movie.
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