Creative Practice Website Project Guidelines

Creative Practice Website Project Guidelines

This assignment is an opportunity to develop your understanding of basic contemporary web design and media tools for the production of a professional looking and effective web presence using a WordPress weblog.

You must begin to think about how to effectively present on the web, with a coherent concept and well-documented content.

Please see the guidelines from the web design workshop for more information on designing your website

Your website is a portfolio of work, and you should treat it as such.

You should submit as many content items as you can. These should include:

  • At least 1 photoshopped image.
  • At least five still images.
  • At least 2 embedded movies with sound – 1 Animation, 1 video (see here for help on embedding).
  • At least 2 embedded processing sketches/PD patches.

You should feel free to make your portfolio as comprehensive and impressive as you wish.

Each content item should be laid out on the page in a way coherent with the overall site design, and have an adequate description documenting what the content is, how it was created, and how to use it if necessary.

The website will be assessed on design coherence, appropriateness (in terms of its appearance and also the placing of content), and usability, as per the guidelines laid out during the Web design workshop.

For more information on assessment, please note the information on Assignment 1 available here.

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