Introduction to Audio-Visual Computing Assignment 2

Your assignment will be to submit 2 pieces of work based on what you have done this term in the Introduction to Audio-Visual Computing course.

This term you have/will cover four main topics of work:

  • Simulation and Physics
  • 3D graphics
  • Sound
  • Image processing and computer vision

For each of these topics you will have been set a number of lab exercises, each with a number of suggestions of how to extend the work.

You should submit an extended version of a lab exercise from each of two of the above topics. This will be 2 pieces of work and you will be expected to do work beyond the basic exercise on each. You may decide that you want to do a single piece of work that combines exercises from 2 different topics (i.e. a pieces that combines 3D graphics and sound), we would encourage this type of work, but check with me first.

To get a high mark you will be expected to explore techniques and materials beyond what was explained in lectures. You should research new techniques via books (including the Processing books), online resources and tutorials.

You should submit the work as fully commented Processing code on your own website with a approximately 500 word description of each including technical details of how it works. This should include a discussion of the process of how you adapted the original lab exercise, why you chose to adapt it in that way and what resources (books, tutorials, reference material etc.) you used to do it. You will be expected to reference, and fully explain, any example code and tutorials that you have used. You will be given credit for well referenced use of examples and other background material, however if you do not reference them it will count as plagiarism. All material should be hosted in your web space, material on an external download manager will not be marked. You may ask for more web space if it is not sufficient. (One exception is that video material may be hosted on vimeo or youtube, but it must be embedded in your site).

You should submit a link to your website via email to Marco Gillies and Mick Grierson by the 26th March 2010.

This is a guideline to how we will mark it.

F-: < 10%
not a valid attempt, no work submitted or work that achieves none of the aims

F: 11-35%
inadequate work, not enough pieces submitted, or work done to well below the expected standard

D: 40-50%
items submitted have achieved part of their aim but are incomplete. They achieve most but not all of the basic items set in the class exercise

Complete work that reproduces what was explained in class. Achieve almost all the basic items in the exercises that were set and some extensions are attempted.

The work goes beyond the basic aims. Both pieces of work successfully achieve some of the extended aims.

Both pieces of work achieve either some of the more challenging suggested extensions or some novel and challenging extensions beyond what was suggested.

as above plus one of more of:

* considerable use of technical features that go beyond what was explained in class
* ingenious use of the features explained in class to create challenging effects
* highly creative and original work

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