Beads Workshop 1

Check through the lecture notes available here:

Download and install the beads library from this website

Try to make the example code from the lecture notes function properly.

Use it to play back a sound. Start by selecting a sound when you run the program, then see if you can work out how to load the sample at startup.

Implement the envelope UGen so that the sound fades in.

Add another sound, and mix the two together.

Add more envelope segments so that the sounds fade in and out.

Try using the sound streaming functionality. How is this better?

Extra credit

Try some of the following exercises.

Examine the processing tutorials that come with beads. Use the information in the void draw() methods to draw your own visualisation of the sound.

Use envelope generator to change the playback speed of the sounds.

Use the envelope generator to change the position of objects drawn on the screen.

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