Resit Assignment

Basic Exercise

Write a Processing sketch that loads an image and applies a blur to it using a built in filter.

Alter your sketch so that you implement the blur function yourself using the methods discussed in the lecture.


  • Experiment with other other kernels for your filter
  • Change your code so that the filter is applied to live video rather than a static image
  • A blend is a method of combining two images, that is similar to a filter. A blend steps through all the pixels of both images, using a mathematical function to combine the equivalent pixels in the two images. Try implementing a blend that averages two images. Experiment with other types of blend.

This is a guideline to how we will mark it.

F-: < 10%
not a valid attempt, no work submitted or work that achieves none of the aims

F: 11-35%
inadequate work, or work done to well below the expected standard

D: 40-50%
items submitted have achieved part of their aim but are incomplete. They achieve most but not all of the basic items

Complete work that reproduces what was explained in class. Achieve almost all the basic items in the exercises that were set and some extensions are attempted.

The work goes beyond the basic aims. Both pieces of work successfully achieve some of the extended aims.

Both pieces of work achieve either some of the more challenging suggested extensions or some novel and challenging extensions beyond what was suggested.

as above plus one of more of:

* considerable use of technical features that go beyond what was explained in class
* ingenious use of the features explained in class to create challenging effects
* highly creative and original work

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