I am fortunate to have some really fantastic PhD students. Here are links to some of them and their work.

Hadeel Ayoub Kingsley Ash Evan Raskob Pedro Kirk Lior Ben Gai Francisco Bernardo Phoenix Perry Bryan Dunphy

Memo Akten Reinhold Friedl Alex Brigden

Ireti Opefoluwa Olowe  Tom Richards (Passed)  Diego Macedo De Fagundes (Passed) Adriana Sa (Passed) Lewis Sykes (Passed)

Parag Mital (Passed) Rio Ikeshiro (Passed) Jeremy Keenan (Passed)

I’m happy to hear from potential PhD and MSci students with interests in the following areas of Creative Computing.

The application of Machine Learning to the Creative Arts.

Audiovisual Composition and Visual Music, Sound Art, Experimental Cinema, Installation Art, Physical Computing, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

Computer Music topics such as sound/music synthesis, systems, processing, instrument design, audio signals analysis, information retrieval/pattern recognition, generative sound and music and machine learning.

Image/Video topics such as image synthesis, analysis, processing, information retrieval/pattern recognition, algorithmic drawing, video synthesis.

Real-time interaction involving any of the above topics, including games, mobile apps, installation, composition and/or performance systems, including both HCI style projects and art/design/entertainment focussed projects, or content-aware web applications.

Biosignals projects, particularly BCI project proposals, are also welcome, as are proposals in audio, music, visual and audiovisual perception/cognition.