Here are a few videos I found on the Internet that I am in. I think there are some more but these ones are interesting.

Our IoT / Machine learning guitar product, The Kurv, on Sky News. Also features the great folks at Abbey Road Red, and Titan Reality. Importantly, I have nothing to do with Kurv Music Limited, who are the company working on making this product. We just built the prototype, which works great as you can see.

A talk I gave at the 2015 JUCE summit on my C++ audio library, maximilian.

A talk I gave at Calarts on Creative Computing from CalArts Digital Arts on Vimeo.

That time I bought the Oramics Machine and sold it to the Science Museum. Thanks to Jo Langton, Rob Mullender and a bunch of other folks for their help :-)

I feature in this film about Abbey Road Red, their technology incubator.

My Brain Computer Interface for Music. This ended up being a successful project. You can see a demo filmed by the BBC here. Lots of other people have since used the method for brain-based musical interaction, but this was the first.

Better Brain Interfacing for the Masses: Progress in Event-Related Potential Detection using Commercial Brain Computer Interface from Kiel Gilleade on Vimeo. I’ve spent quite a bit of time testing consumer Brain Computer Interfaces.

Internet of things meets cow toy.

Found another old video of me being interviewed by the BBC back in 2008



Historically, I have had a research-led practice as a Live Audiovisual Artist, which wasn’t a very well defined field at the time (hence research-led). HereĀ is an archive of audiovisual compositions/performances covering the period between 2001-2009.
Each one was performed live, with all audio and visual content being produced in real-time using bespoke audiovisual composition and performance software. This seems pretty obvious now, but at the time, it was quite confusing for people. I still occasionally get invited to play.

Excerpt from Delusions of Alien Control Pt. III, performed at Stench IV 2009

Excerpt from Revelation 6, 2006

Structure Interne, 2003

Third World Warhol, 2002

Beautiful Human canon, 2002

Video Synthesiser in PD/GEM, 2001 – test footage