Inspired by the work I had done on the Collage section of the 'Telly Vision' project, I decided to explore the concept of collage further in a separate application entitled 'Media Montage'. The word Montage is a synonym of collage but is invariable used to refer to the technique when applied to photography.

I have for some time admired the photographic montages that David Hockney made in the mid 1980's. I thought it was an interesting concept to take the ideas developed by Pablo Picasso and George Braque in their Cubist paintings of showing objects from various angles but in the same image and apply them to a different medium, namely photography. With this idea in mind, I thought it would be interesting to extend this idea of cubist photography to moving images. This would allow me to create portraits and images similar to those created by David Hockney but with the added notion of time.

Equally after watching Christian Marclay's 'Video Quartet' (2002), a 13-minute musical composition of nearly 600 separate film clips, on four simultaneous channels, projected onto a 40ft long screen, I thought the idea of creating something similar but in real time as part of a live performance, to be intriguing. To facilitate this I decided to use a gestural-based interface using a P5 data glove (see figure 1). A particular gesture of the user’s hand can then be mapped to a particular movie or audio clip. This has the benefit of being more intuitive than using a more conventional interface such as the keyboard and there are a great many more possibilities in terms of possible gestures than key combinations.



Using the Media Montage toolset, I produced the work above. I filmed my face from various angles and degrees of close-up to produce a series of movie files. Using the Media Montage application I have collaged these various movie clips into one image. It consists of 20 separate panels within the Media Montage application; each one has the clip set to repeat so the entire image is constant moving; the eyes blink etc so giving it more a sense of being alive.


This piece also uses the Media Montage application. It consists of nine separate movie clips although only six are visible in the screenshot above. Each movie clip is of a musical instrument being played; base drum, snare drum, drum-pad, keyboard, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, violin, harp and trumpet. The Media Montage application has been configured in such a way that if a particular gesture is made whilst wearing the P5 Glove then this will trigger the specific clip to play. As all of the clips have audio as well as the visual element, it effectively makes it into a musical instrument.


Further Information

Further information is available in Appendix A of my thesis (click here to download).  
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