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January 09, 2021 - No Comments!

” The Crisis ” – Music Visualization by Processing

Produced by Cheng Yang
Background  &  Concept

The music - " The Crisis" is the soundtrack from the film: the legend of 1900

- He was born at sea and adopted by sailors. Facing the piano, he is self-taught, he is a real genius, by countless people chase after and applause.

-He began to love, love a girl, silent and soulful, who made him wonder if he would get off the ship and face the new world for her. But his final choice was still his piano, his sea.

-He said the piano had only 88 keys, but the outside world was a huge piano with countless black and white keys that he could not handle.

If using music to describe a person's life, then what the tune will be.

1900 the original life is just like that calm and repeated in the main tune, until the girl appeared, thousands of times repeated life began to have a new note, not boring and monotonous, but calm and warm.

This limited and repetitive melody, until the death of the last note, probably best represents 1900's whole life.


My Ideas

The background blue lines represent the ocean, the sea is forever rising and falling, like 1900's normal life. The visual style of the sea I want to make is more hand-painted (imitating the feeling of colored pencils), because hand-painted patterns or lines tend to be more emotional and flexible. Meanwhile, every time the waves of the sea move and undulate according to the music.

The colorful hair-like lines represent 1900's ups and downs of heart and mind. Although going through the same life every day, seemingly calm outside with a heart that struggles because of a girl. The colors of these lines are got from the movie poster. I wanted to create a sense of continuity in these lines, that they were all intersecting and continuing with each other. The movements of these lines also follow the music.

The Techniques Used - FFT

Book: Learning Processing ( by Daniel Shiffman)  The Chapter 20.6

About Minim Library:

"FFT: perform a Fourier Transform on audio data to generate a frequency spectrum."

“The process of spectrum analysis involves reading an acoustic signal (a sound wave) and decoding it into a series of frequencies. The more frequency band, the more accurate amplitude of the specified frequency can be obtained. The lower the frequency band, the louder the sound over a wider range of frequencies can be found."

Other reference:

Book: Generative Gestaltung  (Komplexe Methoden –  M.1 Zufall und Rauschen –  M.1.5 Verrauschte Bewegung –  M_1_5_03_TOOL)


My Video

There is a sea in everyone's heart , and his sea is music, is the piano, is the girl.

- The End -