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August 20, 2021 - No Comments!

Conditional Form



My aim with this work was to simply practice and play with the creation of objects and generative forms - using the body of a sphere to channel and shift between the scenes. I also wanted to represent the growing culmination of something intense which would go on to collapse and break (or at least give the impression of such).



I began by modifying a generative jellyfish-type blob that was created in class with a classmate, developing it a little further and from there creating additional bodies and generative forms. I then created a few more works which riffed off of this from the ofBook git repository before stemming part of them out into further pieces.

I was fortunate enough to take an SFPC class in July/August and, in doing so, got to talk a little bit with Zach Lieberman regarding approaches and styles to adapt to openframeworks use. This led me to strip some of my work and ideas back and into developing more randomly generative work which relied more on colour and simplicity.

The most difficult part was definitely coherently assembling the entire thing in the projectManager/piMapper/scene compiler. This led me to an immense amount of errors and bugs - not to mention unfortunately falling sick with covid symptoms right before the final stages. However, what I have developed is quite an interesting variety of works which lead off from oneanother and evidences my practice and development with the platform and coding language. For that, I am quite proud of myself.


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