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Five virtual and five physical objects which being inspired from Astronomical, Planetary, Environmental, Human, Microscopic scales.

produced by: Natthakit Kangsadansenanon




Astronomical scale

My first impression on this scale is it all about gravity the denser the mass attracts the less ones. The first thing that I looks at is metaball because this algorithm create the blurring effect around the objects which is visual necessity to communicate gravity between each of them. After adjust the colorful metaball to monotone, I decided to create one big dark matter in the middle of the screen which effects the behavior of each one of the smaller objects. Distance between objects will determined the effect the behavior.


Daniel Shiffman - Coding Challenge #28: Metaballs



Astronomical scale - Physical object

Its been my passion to translate anything into architectural space. In this case the challenge is how am I going to convert Astronomical concept to building structure. My approach is to create a sacred place that emphasis at the center of the whole place with some external cantilever on every sides. The purposes of the protuding is to give a visual guild that leading to the center.







Planetary Scale

Diversity is the first word that coming up to my mind when I am thinking about Planetary, while we also moving forward together along the same path. I am decided to use perlin noise as a tool to communicate on this scale. The program is intended to start as a random color balls moving in their own area around the screen. Pattern start to emerge after the program running on. Emerging of the pattern conveys that no matter how diversity we moving are there is a pattern at large scale.



Ken Perlin - Perlin noise


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Planetary scale - Physical object

I am using color and form to convey diversity at this scale. Eventhough every units curving toward the same way and the location of are extract from flow-field algorithm. This space is possible because of the quantity of the units while on the interior manage to maintain the usable space.







Environmental Scale

As human we try really hard to make an order out of every chaos that blocking our life but non of the least chaos still living somewhere beneath the order suface. Grid blog cities, linear parallel roads, rectangle building all of this human phenomenon emerge from our innate will to simplify thing up, to control what been here before us meanwhile the chaos sleeping slilently down everywhere waiting for the days to showing up again. I am using Conway's Game of Life as a medium to sending this manage. I am playing around with the parameter until satisfy with the result that reflect the order after fighting with the chaos along the way. 



John Horton Conway - Game of Life



Environmental scale - Physical object

Grid lines is the key to succeed on this space. The space shows the vertical and horizontal lines if looking from the top view meanwhile on the sides view appear to be many chaos from the differences layers of curvy lines. The space can be adopt into skateboard park.







Human scale

The Garden of Earthly Delights, the three images illustrate Heaven, Earth and Hell all of this happen at the same place planet Earth. If we human have more resources than population, we living together peacefully. The problem start when the population keep getting bigger while the resources is limited, this circumstances leading to wars which ultimately changing our peaceful human to something abnormal and evil. The virtual object translates these three images literally.  


Hieronymus Bosch - The Garden of Earthly Delights


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Human scale - Physical object

Three structures sitting next to each other. The first one is healthy structure where the columns is balance and strong, the ceiling sit above peacefully. The second one is half dead half alive, some parts is suitable to accomodate people and the rest are collapse. The final is the collapse structure which the visitors need to find the way to make sense out of this space by there own because there are no more columns and ceiling to rely on anymore.







Microscopic scale

The tiny part that can not be perceive from bare eyes. The small thing that being a foundation of everything. Neuron Network in our brain is capture my impression, Single one of them is almost useless but the network of this is so much powerful and so flexible when one lost the structure find a way to create a new structure rom the remained resources. Fractal seem to the topic that I should jump into to dealing with this idea. After research for a while I found Space Colonization Algorithm to be use as a back-bone for this final scale. 


Daniel Shiffman - Coding Challenge #18: 3D Fractal Trees



Microscopic scale - Physical object

The building is start like assembling the legoes. I laser cut the neuron modulars in a differrences scale and put them together to create the structures that reflect the flexibility properties while being a reliance places to cover our head.



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