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Traditional Chinese narrative in computational arts

Produced by: Shuai XU

1. Introduction

1.1 Background

Digital media art provides a new way to explore art, and therefore more and more people are paying attention to it. With the development of technology, digital technology is also continually present in daily life. Therefore, for a creator exploring how to combine computer technology and art, it is particularly important to find a good balance between computer technology and computer art.

1.1  Research topics

 The main focus of this project is how to use computational arts to convey narratives of traditional Chinese literature. I pose three questions to encourage deep consideration of the role of computational technology:

1.  How can computational arts enhance traditional Chinese narratives?

2. How can traditional Chinese narratives be conceptualized, visualized and integrated into computational arts?

3. How to use these studies and show them in your work?

 1.3 Theories and Contexts

For my project, I want to choose traditional Chinese narrative to expand my research; the ancient elements of this literature can give me a bridge to create a dream space, which can employ computational technology to immerse people in the space, as well as allowing audiences to interact with the installation and be part of the stories. At the same time, I am looking for fusion of and contrast between Eastern and Western culture, coupled with the collision of ancient and modern art.


2. Traditional Chinese narrative

2.1. What is Traditional Chinese narrative?

According to Anthony C. Yu,(Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (CLEAR)

Vol. 10, No. 1/2 (Jul. 1988), pp. 1) "

In the study of traditional Chinese narrative it is customary to speak of the developmental dependence of prose fiction on history, or more precisely, on historiographical writing." Yu believes that traditional Chinese narrative is a process that as an exhaustive and complex sociological report and defines the key characteristics of Traditional Chinese narrative as analysis, structure and composition. Chinese narrative is one source of information about China, which includes valuable history and culture and also describes the identity and values of citizens and the ways they conceptualize reality.

2.2 A new viewpoint of Traditional Chinese narrative

As Olga Leontovich claims in his article (The world of Chinese fictional narratives: content, characters, and social impact, (06 November 2015),