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Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping project exhibited in St James Hatcham Building as part of getLerped exhibition 2019.

produced by: Lola Mercadal


Though the shape itself is constituted of six very plane and mundane card boxes the combination of all of them creates this great surfaces, both in a vertical and horizontal position, that allows me to play around with the viewer’s field of view. The goal was to experiment and play with the shape and the physicality of the boxes and the pyramid. This 2-minute piece focuses on the mapping of the shape and the content inside of every surface.

Concept and background research

The main focus on this project was to concentrate in the actual geometry of the shape I was going to project onto. After researching different project mapping works it was clear to me that a good projection mapping is one that knows how to play with the geometry of the shape they are working on. By engaging with the shape, you engage the viewer with the animations that connect to the shape they have in front of them. In other words, only when you understand every line of your shape you can then start playing with them to create optical illusions that will catch the viewer’s eyes. 


More creatively challenging animations that will have in consideration the totality of the shape. 

Self evaluation

I feel like I would have worked better if I would have seen the completed version of the shape before starting coding the animations. When I saw the final shape is when I started thinking about good concepts that would successfully use the physicality of the whole shape.

Although I feel like I fell short on this assignment I was really excited to see my work projected on the actual shape and I will definitely keep trying and improving projection mapping.