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I want to express the depression that this epidemic has brought to human beings through this work.

The impact of this epidemic is not only on economic, health, social system operation, and other aspects but also on the mistrust between people.

Under the epidemic, people have paid more attention to death in the general environment. This should be similar to the jungles and shadows of our primitive ancestors facing nature (it can be said that in front of the epidemic, modern people are equivalent to "bareness" facing the disease, similar to when ancestors faced powerlessness in nature). One outstanding performance is that, for example, many of the measures and actions we are doing now have meanings that are not usually there, in order to isolate the germs, and the isolation of the germs is associated with staying away from death. It can be said that the epidemic situation is equivalent to lifting all the solutions accumulated over the millennium and must face various life-threatening dangers (we live in modern society, in this big "human world", because of social mechanisms and countries Many kinds of protection measures have not been necessary to worry about life threats (not artificial but from nature), and do not need to be careful of predators from all directions like our ancestors). In such a human society, we are used to enjoying life without thinking about where a big predator will jump out in all directions (in fact, the germs of the epidemic are just unseen natural predators), So we don’t have to face the danger almost for most of the time. This long-term baptism of the living environment will only appear when the epidemic occurs. It seems that we are all concerned about life and death at once. In fact, it is just that we have had a hard time to face life and death before. Including such as "Late night lonely want to die" "I feel that I am alive without meaning"). Finally, maybe in this situation now, "to live to death" may really have an experimental field, before death, we may temporarily rearrange our future, and may have some future or some future Things are added or given a deeper meaning.




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