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GeoLine is a projection mapping developed from several pieces inspired by minimalism, geometric forms and lines.

produced by: Marlena Kepa


Using my previous experience in painting, designing clothes and the multiple interpretations of geometry in building constructions or compositions, I wanted to create my generations using this area of ​​inspiration. GeoLine is a work of generative art built from several pieces inspired by minimalism, geometric forms and lines. An additional inspiration was the work of the American painter Frank Stella, for whom it is characteristic to repeat a given geometric form in his paintings.


Concept and background research

The main concept was based on minimalism. Referring to the works of Frank Stella, I wanted to interpret the repeatability of squares, lines and ellipses. I wanted to adjust the geometry and create generations at the same time, which would reflect the functionality of geometric forms. In one of the generations, I was inspired by Stella's 1967 work, "WWRL", which contains compositions made of repeating squares. Another idea in my creation was movement, thanks to which the squares give the impression of breathing. My concept was to experiment with the use of lines and creating two different generations that represent various effects. Thanks to this, by using the layering in the third scene, I obtained the illusion effect that for a few seconds looks like the waving water surface. The last idea is mandala, developed only with the use of ellipses and rotation. My main goal here was to achieve the pattern that would not be obvious to the recipient and who, at first glance, will not focus on the elements, but on its general shape.



The whole project was created in C ++ using openFrameworks and ofxPiMapper. However, prior to developing the project, I prepared a few hand-drawings which present the initial assumptions. After that, I created the classes for each piece, which I then attached to the main file linked with ofxPiMapper. The project also uses a JSON file, which contains information related to the duration of individual projection scenes.

Unfortunately, due to the current situation with Covid19 and the limitations I’ve encountered, the project was presented in 2D but despite this, I find the quality of the project clear and satisfying.

I’ve used Adobe Photoshop 2020 to modify the background photo, and Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 to build the video.


Future development

In the future, I certainly see a potential for the development of the project, therefore I would like to spend more time experimenting with individual scenes and creating additional visual effects. Additionally, I would like to use an audio file combined with the code that would affect the generation. I also hope that I will have a chance to try 3D projection on real forms.

Self evaluation

To sum it up, I’ve learnt a lot throughout the preparation of the project. I had ambitions that exceeded my abilities, and as an ambitious person, I tried to challenge myself while developing each of them. A projection was not an easy task for me and I am glad that I managed to bring it to an end. I am proud that I was able to create additional classes and set the time for individual scenes. I also tried not to rely on other people's code, but also to write individual scenes myself. Thanks to this, I was able to experiment and expand my knowledge. I am satisfied with the visual side of it and the skills I’ve acquired.